Lifestyle photography is all about capturing your essence. It is similar to the environmental portrait but it takes it a step further. Wikipedia defines lifestyle photography as “re-creating real life situations in a controlled setting.”

Lifestyle photography is very different from the traditional studio portrait session where the subject is posed (chin-up, tilt your head, hands on the lap etc.), photographed and ushered out of the studio. The majority of lifestyle photography shoots take place outdoors or on-location, such as in your home or some other place that is significant to you. Lifestyle sessions usually last from one hour to three hours and include a few formal or posed shots and lots of informal, candid photographs that capture doing what you do best. If it is a family lifestyle photo shoot, be prepared to run after your kids, roll around with them, take them for a piggyback ride or simply enjoy sharing an ice-cream with them – anything that you would normally do on a Sunday afternoon with your children.

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