Cafe Zappa - An honest and lively Italian infused cafe serving the best coffee and food in South Melbourne with a personal touch.

Cafe Menu

At Zappa our menu is full of home-style, Italian influenced dishes that are healthy, honest and tasty. Always made from fresh local produce and cooked by people with a passion for food, our hot main dishes feature on certain days of the week, and we are dedicated to giving you a positive food experience.


Fruit salad, greek yoghurt, almonds, honey
Porridge with poached pear $9.00
Brookfarm muesli, fruit, yoghurt & honey $9.00
Chunky date & fruit loaf $5.50


Plain croissant $4.00
Ham cheese croissant $5.50
Daily baked muffin $4.00
Sultana escargot $5.00
Danish pastry $5.00
Almond croissant $6.00


Bacon, fetta, tomato $10.00
Bacon, lettuce, tomato $9.50
Bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato $11.00
Bacon, lettuce, egg, avocado, tomato $12.50
'Lovely', ham, cheese, tomato, avocado $9.50
'Gallipoli', vegemite on turkish toast $5.00
h/c/t- s/w, multi grain, sourdough $6.50
Avocado & feta on seeded bread $10.00
Toast w spread of your choice $5.00


Breaky baguette - bacon, egg, spinach, cheese, tomato relish in a crusty toasted baguette

Special house made sausage roll (w salad $8.00) $5.50
Ham or veg pizza & salad $10.00
Grilled chicken, spring veg, curry, calzone & salad $12.00
Spinach & ricotta filo w salad $10.00
Spinach & cheese OR Bolognese arancini & salad $10.00


Fruit salad, greek yoghurt, almonds, honey $9.00
Greek salad $7.50
Roast vegetables $7.50
Nicoise salad $12.50
Char grilled chicken breast & greek salad $12.50
Scotch fillet salad $14.50
Create your own salad $?


   Free Range Eggs

Purgatory-chilli eggs, spinach, tomato & cheese on toast  $15.00
Frenchy french toast & bacon $15.00
Blueberry pancakes, ice cream & maple syrup $15.00
Egg and bacon stack with fetta, tomato, spinach on toast $15.00
Classic...bacon & eggs on turkish $10.00
Eggs with BA', SA', SP' MU' TO' the lot $17.50
Eggs with the 'whole' lot $20.00
Eggs Florentine or Benedict $12.00
'Z' omlette w sausage, chilli, fetta, potato, tomato & truffle oil $15.00


Potato & mozzarella croquettes (3) $6.00
Extras, tomato, spinach, mushrooms, avocado, baked beans (each) $3.00
Bacon, sausage, smoked salmon $4.00
Risotto balls (3) $6.00
Fresh tomato, mortadella, olives, daily cheese, toast/bread $12.00


Ask one of our fine helpers they're always changing


Ham, cheese, tomato focaccia
Roast veg, feta & spinach focaccia $10.00
Chicken breast schnitzel, cheese & pesto focaccia $10.00
Chicken breast schnitzel, cheese,pesto & bacon focaccia $12.00
Lamb, spinach, feta, spicy capsicum dip focaccia $12.00
Scotch fillet steak, bacon, tomato, onion, cheese, cos relish focaccia $14.50
H/c/t/l seeded mustard lettuce baguette $6.50
Tuna, boiled egg, tomato, house mayo greens baguette $7.50
Char grilled chicken, cheese, avocado & greens baguette $7.50
Smoked salmon cream cheese, avocado & greens baguette $8.50

Drinks & fresh juices

San Pell' aranciata, aranciata rossa, limonata, chinotto $4.00
Organic fanta, cola, lemonade, ginger beer, LLB $4.00
ZAPPA JUICE.. Orange, pineapple, lemon, ginger & kiwi $8.00
RED STAR COFFEE... locally roasted and sustainably grown

Looking for a catered lunch?

If you have an event or group that you’d like catered for, Zappa’s Catering Menu is the deliciously easy way to go.