Cafe Zappa - An honest and lively Italian infused cafe serving the best coffee and food in South Melbourne with a personal touch.

about zappa

Walk into Zappa and you could well be walking into a cafe in any city, in any of the past three decades. A small Italian infused space with a dining room full of trinkets from all sorts of odd places ranging from Cuba to the local Op Shop.

Our mission is to serve honest food at excellent prices to great people as quickly as possible.

There is an endless stream of Italian 'home style' food pouring out of the bustling little kitchen and out the front, holding court, will most likely be Michael Sergi - owner and ring master who will know you by name, if not how you take your coffee.

A personal touch is integral here and the staff are encouraged to make it an essential part of their job to know their customer’s name and dining likes. Zappa's is an honest and lively space that's full of warmth and the smell of the best coffee in South Melbourne and beyond.

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